Logging in to your league site:

players: when you are logged in, the site is customized towards your team and you will have access to team-only areas such as non-public team messageboards, team calender, the ability to contact teammates through onsite messaging. Additionally, you can customize your player information including your "sig" which will appear as your sig name with team and jersey icon when posting to any league messageboard or team board (not just your league site - any VFFA hosted site). Soon, players will also be able to create their own player page, which will be linked to through your team page. You can upload and link photos, keep a blog, link to your favorite sites, and receive messages from other players. how do I log in?. First, your email address must be somewhere on a team roster. The only way its going to get on a team roster is if your coach puts it on there - so the first step is to contact your coach and tell him to add your email address to the team roster. Once you are on the roster, try to login - you'll be directed to a password recovery link which will send you a random password. Use this password to then login. You can then change your password and start customizing your account.

coaches: previously you would login to coach access, now the main login will recognize you as the coach as long as your commissioner has entered your email as the team coach or your coach has entered your email as the assistant coach. Coaches can customize team page colors and font, load/link team photos, do messageboard and guestbook admin, add to and edit team calendars, send team-wide messages, change the team slogan/motto/sponsor message, add players to the roster, contact other coaches, view the free agent list, report scores, and access the coach board.

commissioners: previously, you would login at a separate site, now the main login will recognize you as the league commissioner. Commissioners can customize league site colors and frontpage html, add announcements/calendar items, manage the messageboard, create team accounts, schedule games, add seasons, adjust standings options, and a lot more.

If you have further questions about logging in or using the site - or if you are having issues reaching your commissioner and getting your email assigned as the coach of the team, email: siteadmin@vffa.com.