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commissioner:Robert Jacobs
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09/23/05 07:06 (posted by: Bob Jacobs)

UNIVERSAL (FINAL) ROSTER: Captains / Coaches: This FINAL
Roster is due PRIOR to your FIRST October game. It is
IMPORTANT that YOU print players names and numbers and
complete front and back; THEN have players sign. Once
submitted, you MAY NOT add printed names to roster,
although signatures will be accepted later. Also, this is
THE ROSTER you will COMPLETE your fall season with and,
should you qualify for the States, THE ROSTER submitted for
the VFFA State Championships. NEATNESS COUNTS! (Lots of
blank forms if you care to practice!)

09/14/05 07:01 (posted by: Bob Jacobs)

RAINOUT POLICY: Captains / Coaches: Be sure to read our
Procedures on this topic and inform your team. If the
Parks and Rec. Field Crew (at the field) OKs play, then WE
WILL!! Do not ASSUME anything! Do not rely on
Recs. "hotline" for this info. Do not pass GO! If a team
fails to show for a scheduled game and we`re permitted to
play - it will receive a forfeit. (NOTE: this has
happened in the past).

STANDINGS: (Fall 2010)
Open1- So Focuzed (8-0-0)2- UDR Eagles (6-2-0)3- Hometown (5-3-0)4- Richmond Fire (4-4-0)5- BOA Thunder (1-7-0)6- Spartans (0-8-0)
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